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Talks 🎤

Over the years, I’ve had the great opportunity to give talks on different topics related to my work and interests. Doing so has been a lot of fun and a fantastic learning experience! You can find the talks that were recorded below.

If you’d be interested in having me speak or host a workshop at your conference, meetup, school, or company event, please get in touch. I’d love to work with you! 😃

  • Tofu Authenticator

    In this talk, given at the CocoaHeads Stockholm meetup, I present Tofu Authenticator—a two-factor authentication app I started working on in the beginning of 2016.

  • Journaling

    A lightning talk in which I read aloud from my journal and talk about mental health and happiness.

  • Soft Body Physics in Unity

    A lightning talk in which I demonstrate and describe how I implemented a 2D soft body physics system in Unity.

  • Recursive Descent Parsers

    A lightning talk in which I explain what a recursive descent parser is and shows how to implement one using the parslet gem.

  • An Introduction to SDL

    A twenty minute talk introducing SDL and showing a demo of how to use it to open a window and render an image on screen.

  • Ruby Man Pages

    A twenty minute talk about documentation and how to convert Ruby docs to unix man pages stored locally for offline access.

  • Let’s Talk About Heroku Buildpacks

    A lightning talk about Heroku buildpacks and how to use them to install and run custom software on Heroku.

  • Cryptographic Hash Functions

    A ten minute talk covering what cryptographic hash functions are, what they’re used for, and what a simple implementation might look like.