When I decided to change my diet and eating habits a few weeks back, I did so for a number of reasons. One of them was to improve my overall well-being and health.

To get a good grip of where I was currently at, and to be able to measure at least some variables, I decided to get my blood analyzed.

After some research online and a couple of phone calls, I found Werlabs, a company that provides blood analysis and health checkups in Sweden.

Now, after having used their services, I must say I’m both surprised and impressed by how simple it was.

This is what I did:

  1. I found the health center nearest to my home using the relevant map on the Werlabs website. It turned out to be 3 blocks down the street.

  2. I picked one of their analysis packages and payed for it online. I picked the one called “CheckUp Man XL” since I figured, this being my first time, I’d better get all the available tests in order to know which tests to take the next time.

    The morning after, Werlabs had sent a medical referral to the health center I had picked, which meant I could go there to take my tests whenever I wanted.

  3. Since some of the tests required me to be on a fast 12 hours prior to taking them, I planned to take the tests a few days out.

  4. I went to the health center the morning I’d planned and was told to go straight to the lab. There, a nurse took four small bottles of my blood. Five minutes later, I was done and on my way.

  5. Later the same afternoon, I received a text message saying the first results were in and that I could review them in my online journal.

  6. A couple days later, I got another text saying my full results were available and that a doctor had reviewed and commented on them.

Here’s the doctor’s comment:

MCV/MCHC med gränsvärde, troligen normalvariation då det viktiga Hb ligger normalt. Bra nivå på blodfetter och blodsocker (gränslågt). Viktiga analyser att följa över tid är bl a Apo-kvoten (ApoB/ApoA) då den speglar sammansättning av det “goda” och det “onda” kolesterolet. Samt även HbA1c som speglar genomsnittligt blodsocker läge över tid. D-vitamin med gränsvärde, kan korrigeras med kosttillskott.

Here’s the English translation:

MCV/MCHC close to limits, probably within normal variation since the important Hb is normal. Good levels of blood fats and blood sugar (just below the lower limit). Important levels to follow over time are among other the Apo-ratio (ApoB/ApoA) as it reflects the composition of the “good” and “bad” cholesterol. As well as HbA1c which reflects the average blood sugar level over time. Vitamin D close to the limit, can be corrected with supplements.

All in all, I’m very satisfied to learn that most things look great and that I can improve my Vitamin D levels by taking supplements.

I also realized that while my testosterone levels are above the lower limits, I could still up them by quite a bit before going over the upper limits which would, among other things, help my body build muscles faster.