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About Me

Hello! My name is Calle Erlandsson. I make apps and websites—both for fun and for a living. I currently work as an independent consultant helping other people write quality software.

This is what I look like.

Most of my professional career, I’ve been building apps for the iPhone and the Mac as well as writing web apps in Ruby on Rails and JavaScript. In my spare time, I also dabble in game development and programming language design. 🤓

Before I started doing independent consulting, I had the pleasure of working at thoughtbot.

When I’m not programming, I like going for a run. I’m super proud of finishing the Stockholm Marathon earlier this year and look forward to Lidingöloppet in September.

I live in Stockholm, Sweden with Johanna and our dog Doris. Together we enjoy the city’s cultural life, the company of our friends, and great vegan food. 🌱


👨‍💻 You can find my open-source work on GitHub.

📸 I sometimes (rarely) post photos on Instagram.

🐦 If you’d like to say hi, I’m @calleerlandsson on Twitter.

💌 You can also send me an email.